Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Sri Lanka (A Simple Guide)

Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Sri Lanka (A Simple Guide) The company incorporation process is now fully automated with the introduction of the eRoc system, which is a service which allows for the e-Registration of Companies online. The following article explores the online e-ROC (e-Registration of Companies) process of incorporating a Private Limited Company...

Electronic Signing of Contracts

Commonly, legal documents such as contracts and deeds were signed with ink and paper. This method is known as a ‘wet ink signature’. Currently, electronic signatures are widely used as they reduce costs and increase efficiency. An electronic signature includes: Checking a box or a ‘click to accept’ button Typing a name Pasting an image...

What is a Cease-and-Desist Letter?

Cease and Desist letters stop outside parties from violating your rights and is often a pre-cursor to court action. They may also include demands for further action such as publication of a letter of apology. These steps are the first line of defense. They commonly aim to enforce legal rights without resorting to litigation. What...

How Singapore Resilience Budget is helping Businesses stay afloat during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have long-lasting economic repercussions, as the global economy faces demand and supply shocks, falling growth forecasts and rising uncertainty. To pull through this difficult time, additional support will be given to businesses. Addressing immediate challenges, the Resilience Budget will tackle the 3 Cs on business owners minds – cash...

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